Thursday, August 28, 2014

Pandora's Box - Louise Brooks Dances

Hey Guys,
Years ago my grandfather, before he disappeared, a clever misfit he is, gave me a picture book of the 1920's and beyond silent film star, dancer, and writer, Louise Brooks.  

I fell in love with her allure and dark mystique. I am sure you've heard of Pandora's Box? She is the star of that 1929 silent film. Louise was noted for popularizing the bob hairstyle! She stared in 17 silent films and 8 sound films. When she was a child the neighbor used to set popcorn and treats out for her on his porch, somewhat like luring a lost, little puppy. When she took the bait, he molested her. Her mother blamed her for it. She was noted as saying, "I didn't fit into the Hollywood scheme at all. I was neither a fluffy heroine, nor a wicked vamp, nor a woman of the world, I just didn't fit into any category."

Maybe this is why I have always related to her. Maybe my poor grandfather who couldn't cope without his deceased wife did too. Where ever he is, I miss him and Grandma too. Below is a short video of Louise Brooks dancing in Pandora's Box:

And this is a link to more about Louise Brooks: