Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Vampire Romance

Hey Guys,

This is the mosaic Radley and Violet looked at in the hotel as their passion heated up in Heavenly Rogues:

"Radley placed his hand on Violet's lower back at the edge of the low riding waistband of her black leather pants. Electricity shot up her spine at his touch. She considered protesting to the placement of his fingers, but could not force the words out of her mouth. He felt so good. With gentle pressure on her back, he led her before one of the works of art of a beautiful woman with leaves in her hair looking off serenely past birds and greenery, a young naked archer in the distance.

"This is a replica of a Byzantine-era mosaic from the Holy Land. It reminds me of you. It is nicknamed ‘the Mona Lisa of the Galilee’."

The electricity between them flamed higher. She looked at the depiction of the young woman peeking out of the leaves and flowers. “You think this woman looks like me?” she asked, her gentle voice lifting in surprise.

He gazed at the mosaic. “Her soft lips and the sad, regal look as she stares off. Even in her suffering, she has hope.”
Goose bumps lifted on her arms. “Oh. She looks like a queen or a Roman goddess,” she swallowed, her cheeks heating up. She couldn’t believe he saw her like that—so dignified, elevated."

Here is a link to more photos of mosaic: Mona Lisa of the Galilee

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