Thursday, February 13, 2014

Watermagic Series

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In these paranormal romances you will delve into the lives of the mers, sirens, selkies, and other mysterious water creatures. Originally inspired by Stephanie Myers Twilight and the film, Jaws, the Watermagic Series has taken a life of its own.
These teen sea people are sexy, enigmatic, and dangerous both on land and in water. Each book is interlinked sharing the same and new characters while focusing on their romances. Bluehour is about the love between Grace and Laurent. Bluedawn is about the love between Haley and Dylan. Bluewicked is about the love between Sabine and Scratch. Blueisland is about the love between Jewel (Raz) and Marcel.
I plan to write more books tying the stories together and bringing back characters from previous works developing their romances and rivalries further. We will see where the series goes. It has been FUN to write so far.

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Beautiful, Mysterious, Dangerous...

A clique of gorgeous teenagers with curious ways transfer to Grace's high school. They eat raw meat and surf under the stars. After Grace suspects one of the boys has inexplicable powers, she sets out to unravel his mysteries. During the process, they fall madly in love. But this romance has put Grace's life in utter danger.

"I want to take you for a night swim," he whispered. His eyes looked sad and mysterious.

But before I had a chance to respond, he swept me up into his arms and carried me to the big French windows. My eyes were wide with fear, but I thrilled at his touch.

Laurent opened the windows. "Here, thread your legs under my arms on either side as we make our way down.

My adrenaline was rushing as he easily turned my body around and held me up. I put my legs under his arms and folded them around his back. It was more than exciting being that close to him and feeling light as air in his strong grasp.

"Hold on." He started to climb out of the window. We weren't so high up, but still it was quite a drop that could easily break bones.

"I could fall," I stammered.

"Trust me." He arched way back so that
I wouldn't touch the building with my body.

The suctions above his pelvis and his strong legs maneuvered us down the log house while his back curved away from the structure, falling and then clinging to the wood intermittently until we were at the ground. It happened so fast that I wasn't even able to protest.

He lowered me to the sand now that we were on the shore. I sort of wobbled as I tried to catch my breath. "Whoa," I breathed. "That was incredible!"

"Now for the fun part," he said, the moonlight shining on his shadowed body. "I'm taking you for a night swim."

I trembled at the thought, remembering how last time in his pool I couldn't breathe so deep down. "I'm not allowed in the ocean," I whispered. "My dad doesn't allow it." My heart ached at the thought of my family and how worried they must have been.

He placed his cool hand on the side of my face. "Don't be afraid, Grace. You are my life now. I won't let anything happen to you."

My body rushed with feelings at his touch, at his words. "I want to go with you, but I'm afraid because I can't breathe under water."

His expression was warm and beautiful. "Now that I can touch you, if we remain connected, you will receive all the oxygen you need. Just hold my hand. You can touch any part of my body and the transfer will take place for as long as you desire. Touch will protect you from the water pressures also. Even upon separation, the effects will last for a short period of time."

"Really?" My eyes lit up.


He took my hand and led me to the ocean...

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"The most seductive creatures in the world... You will have eternal life... You will be extraordinarily beautiful... All guys will fall in love with you... Super strength will be yours..."
In a dark, woodsy beach town, Hailey Maize befriends a group of gorgeous teenagers dancing before a bonfire on the shore. They seem so mysterious and fascinating. But she is most drawn to their friend Dylan who is super hot and wild. She gets upset when he swims off with a seductive red head with long flowing hair and a body to die for. In her fury, Hailey swims out to the island where she uncovers the mysteries of these beautiful creatures. But before she can get away, the danger begins. Will Dylan save her before it's too late?

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Sexy mers, Laurent and Sabine are matched to be together forever, but Laurent discards her like trash. It doesn't matter that she is one of the most beautiful, seductive creatures that ever walked on land or swam the depths of the sea. He won't have her. But Sabine can't accept that. She will kill any girl who falls in love with him.

That is until she meets Scratch Morrison. She just can't figure that gangster out. He seems to be a deadly killer like her and she is set on unraveling the mysteries of his gang. She soon suspects that he is not what he seems. He's not a mer, but he must be some other water magic creature. Certainly, he's not just the bad boy player he appears to be. He has secrets and she will unravel them. And she just might fall crazy in love while it's happening. Or will she?

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Prom night has never been so frightening and romantic. Tomboy Raz is out of control, drinking and taking dangerous risks on the after party yacht when she discovers a sexy bad boy wading out in the deep ocean with a hot girl clawing at his body. Are those the French exchange students from school that she heard so much about? What the hell is she doing to him? Are there more girls underwater? Holy crap! He just scowled at me.

Raz is immediately attracted to this mysterious guy with long dark hair and blue eyes that sparkle in the night. She recognizes him from reoccurring dreams, but the stakes are high and she has many obstacles to overcome before she can surrender herself to her sinful temptations of love, hunger, and uncontrollable desire.