Monday, September 8, 2014

Catalina Island--The Magical Paradise for Mermaids and Mermen

Mermaids and Mermen! Oh, my!!!

Hello my beautiful Watermagic Novel fans,

Rememeber when Grace took a field trip to Catalina Island in Bluehour?

"But as we arrived in Catalina’s town of Avalon, the music faded and I was surprised to see how charming it was. Open storefront shops, caf├ęs, and quaint hotels lined the cobble stone promenade before the harbor. It was a dreamy setting. The sun was bright and cheerful. There was a light breeze with the scent of eucalyptus trees and wild fennel..." (Bluehour (Watermagic Series))

Well, I have posted these lovely pictures and a short video for you to see some of the shore and underwater landscape for yourselves. There is so much to this magical island and this is just a delicious little taste.

Grace, Agatha, and Ashton take a ride on a glass bottom boat just before she sees the enigmatic boy who has been haunting her mind and soul:

"The boat was beautiful. There were only a few other passengers aboard which was nice. There was a lot of room to move around and enjoy the ambiance. After boarding, we looked around before we set out. It was relatively large in size with a nice deck. The glass bottom cabin was a lounge area with a mini-bar, sofas and big submarine windows that stretched across the walls. The room dropped down low in the water like a half-submerged submarine. It was a fantastic sight to see the underwater beauty.

At first we leaned against the rails on deck and enjoyed the sunshine and sea breeze as the boat set in motion. But shortly thereafter we headed down below. The captain navigated the boat out to a coral reef with stunning scenery. He cut the engine. We took seats on the plush furniture in the cabin and gazed in awe at the magnificent underwater views.

I enjoyed relaxing and talking on the sofas as we watched the fish swim around and through the kelp. Some colorful sea anemones rested on the impressive coral reef. I noticed that the prettiest fish were a bright golden yellow. The gold contrast with the pristine blue water was breathtaking.
The captain called us on deck for drinks and snacks. Everybody headed up, but I had to run back down because I forgot my sunglasses downstairs. “I’ll be right back,” I said to the others.

Agatha wasn’t paying attention to me. She and Danny were playing Rock, Paper, Scissors and laughing up a storm, but Ashton nodded and said, “Hurry up.” He winked playfully. “I’ll be waiting.”

When I got downstairs, I had to stop and look at the beauty beneath once again. I marveled at the varying types of seaweed and underwater life. I saw a baby shark swim by.

But, then the most surprising thing happened. I saw a boy swimming. His hair was flowing wild in the water. He came alongside the window of the boat and looked at me. I was in shock. It was Laurent.

I gasped. And then I touched the window with my hand and Laurent touched the same spot. He was gorgeous, a stunning  figure. Our hands were pressed together with only the window pane separating us. He smiled sweetly at me. My heart raced. And then he swam away.

I nearly hyperventilated. I couldn’t believe what had just occurred. He was so amazing. While we were doing all the touristy commercial stuff everybody else does, he and probably the other French exchange students were swimming in the bay, exploring the beauty without the confines of a boat. I so longed to be with them, diving in the ocean blue." (Bluehour (Watermagic Series)).

Soon Grace will discover a whole new world of mermaids and mermen that will shock her sense and tantalize her in a romance of a lifetime.

 This is an easy going short video of the town of Avalon on Catalina Island. It can give you a view into what real life is like on the island of magic.

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You guys mean so much to me. Thank you!!!