Tuesday, September 9, 2014

The Vampire Diaries - My Dinner Date with...Paul Wesley

Hello my wonderful friends,

This picture reminds me of Violet Paris when Radley Aston shut her inside the coffin for incubation in Heavenly Blood. Radley played his guitar in the graveyard waiting for her, but it was torture for the two lovebirds. Then when she was released, it was a shocker to both of them. Unexpectedly, their lives were forever changed. Poor Violet and Radley--will they ever live happily ever after?

I was just cruising around and found this interview with Paul Wesley from The Vampire Diaries. Have you seen it yet? Well, here it is. Stephen's kinda cute in an Edward Cullen kind of way, but as you know from The Roseville Vampire Series, I'm partial to the bad boys. I like dangerous men with edge. Damon's more my type at least earlier on in the series when he was a little more unpredictable.

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