Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Photo of Lord Dyson and The Vampire Diaries - Move On Trailer

Hey Guys,

What do you think? How's this pic for the wicked Lord Dyson who rules over the Night Ryders and The Crimson Devils in The Roseville Vampire Series? I can imagine him looking like this.

If you look closely you might be able to see Giselle, the woman Lord Dyson aches for but was snatched up by the even more sinister Lord Viparado. Maybe Lord Dyson wouldn't be so cruel to his teen vampire covens if he wasn't broken hearted. And the sad thing is, it seems Giselle wants Dyson just as badly.

And here is some news--I just found this great contest where you can win a copy of the DVD  of Season Five of The Vampire Diaries! Here is the link to enter: Bop Tiger Beat

Have you seen the Season 6 Move On Trailer for The Vampire Diaries yet? Well, here it is. Check it out below. Can't wait for Season 6!

Have a great one,